Harness the Power of the Invincible Mind

“Harness the Power of the Invincible Mind is one of those rare books with the power to radically change the reader’s lives for the better.”

Alex Neumann makes wonderful guiding principles for anyone attempting to create a productive and satisfying life. He reveals the source of self-limiting beliefs that rob us of happiness and creates needless suffering.

These incredibly profound, yet simple and practical teachings will inspire you to a grand new level of life clarity, confidence, purpose, and passion. An inspiring and practical roadmap with many great lessons to self-upliftment and to fulfill your dreams.

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Hold on to the ledge, whether it is physical or mental. If you are holding on by sheer willpower, determination, and stubbornness, that is enough.

Stretch yourself until your fingers bleed, your muscles scream, and your breath comes in ragged gasps, and then calm yourself, relax, stretch, take a deep breath.

If you can hold on one moment longer, and then one second more, you will find that the moments become seconds, the seconds add to minutes, and the minutes total to hours, until you have held on long enough to catch your second wind.

Then, with calm confidence, climb upwards until you reach the top.

Throughout my life, I have blindly fumbled upon stuff that I thought never existed. Sometimes I thought I had come up with a novel idea only to stumble onto a source that already existed many centuries before I was born.

Often, when I thought I was knowledgeable, I woke up only to realize that I was sleepwalking ignorant. I have realized that a lot of times, what seems to disturb us is not anything new. Life’s challenges and adversities bothered our ancestors and those before them.

And so, why do these life disturbances keep on nagging our minds?

The reality is that there is profound KNOWLEDGE that, if we ever learned from it, would cause us not to be victims of violent disturbances, but instead would bring us blessed unrest.

We all have stories to tell. However, if you only think of your own story and never listen to other people’s stories, such a monologue would be not only dull but also ignorant. Part of being knowledgeable is to appreciate that your story is only the tip of the iceberg, a small pebble in the ocean of human experience.

Knowledge is a collection of people’s experiences and can teach us a lot.

Isn’t that very same thing that we call “waste” what plants call humus? We are yet to hear plants speak, but when their roots dig deep into humus, their health and vitality speak volumes.

Well, throughout my life, I have fumbled upon the rich humus of knowledge and it has nourished the grey matter that extends my skull. I have extracted from it, rich content and distilled from it, a pure spirit that soothes my soul.

Do you wish to share with me this pure spirit?

Well, the old knowledge from China taught me that, “If you want to plan for a season, plant rice. If you want to plan for a decade, plant trees, and if you want to plan for a lifetime, educate your being.”

There is a lot more that I have learned from other people’s stories than I could ever teach from my own story.

In this book, I share with you such stories and give my perspectives on them. . . to make them come alive . . . like humus that comes alive in a healthy plant.

The knowledge that has lasting value does not perish. Herein is a collection of my knowledge. It is my distilled spirit. And it contains plenty of critical thinking.

I cannot pretend that I can teach you. However, I know that I can share with you my insights and perspectives. . . in the hope that you will be able to see the same darkness as I do and beyond it visualize the stars that I see.




dversity is the only love that will not be ashamed of you. Adversity is the best love that there is. Every loss, every heartbreak, every defeat has its lesson, its novelty, and its seed that raises you anew.

Through that adversity called famine, we learned how to till the land. Through adversity called a dry season, we learned how to store food. Through adversity called rotting and pestilence, we learned how to preserve food.

Through adversity, we learned how to build shelters, how to secure our habitats, and how to organize ourselves into communities and nations. Most nation-states were created as products of war.

Adversity is like that test of fire that makes fine steel. Without fire, there would not be fine steel. Adversity is what brings out the finest within us.

The main reason why we fear adversity is that it steals our comfort zone. No one would be happy if, all of a sudden, in the wee hours of the night, while we were deeply asleep, the mattress was pulled off the bed.

This robbery of our pleasure can create horrors in our imaginations. Yet, what if that mattress is bug-infested? What if that mattress is a borrowed one and the owner is simply, though rudely, taking it back? Isn’t it a moment for a new beginning? Isn’t it an opportunity to find an alternative? Or even own a new mattress?

Well, maybe this kind of rude awakening makes adversity, not such a pleasurable love. Yet, it is still called love. Isn’t it?

Adversity simply has a unique way of expressing love for humanity. Therefore, we must find a unique way of appreciating its love for humanity.

Many times, we frown upon adversity. We perceive adversity as our greatest enemy. Why? Because it squeezes off the wound of our insecurity. Because it shines a light on our insecurities.

We desire to be soothed. We desire pleasure. We desire comfort. How dare you, adversity? How dare you prick and pierce my wound?

Well, if nurses pampered our wounds and doctors did not perform needed surgery, simply because they do not want us to feel pain, many of us would be dead.

What would happen if you refused to remove a child’s tooth that ought to be removed simply because you did not want your child to experience pain? The child’s teeth pattern would be distorted.

The strongest individuals are those who endured periods of adversity. They learned to cope with it. They become experienced at navigating their way through adversities.

Oftentimes, it is worth more to kiss adversity than to frown upon it. If it were not for adversities such as erosions, landslides, earthquakes, rifts, and volcanoes‚ the beautiful landscape that we tour and admire would not be there.

While admiring the beauty of the landscape, we cannot imagine the pain of the creatures that were caught unawares and buried or burnt alive. It is never in our minds. We do not even imagine that adversity took place‚ because the results are just too pleasant, and the pain on us extremely remote, if any.

We may think we are the most cursed human beings. There is a significant danger in listening only to your own story and being deaf to other people’s stories. To understand, to fathom, and to appreciate adversity, listen to other people’s stories.

No one wants to invite adversity. But pain and pleasure are what describe life. They are the hills and valleys that make a beautiful landscape.

Kissing adversity is not the same as welcoming it. It is merely daring it. It is to be ready for your challenge. It takes bravery. It takes stoicism to achieve this state of mind. Yet, nobody is born to be a stoic. It is merely a learned attitude. It is a created frame of mind.

Yes, almost everyone frowns upon misery, sorrow, and tears. Yet, there are those few, the chosen few, the fearless that find the moment of adversity so exhilarating. Why? Because they have had frequent doses of adversity, it has become their unlikely friend. They have developed immunity to negative reactions toward adversity. It is not that they do not feel the pain of adversity—instead, they have simply learned to overcome the pain and appreciate it. As soldiers, they consider it an endurance test, a hardening off, and a kind of prepping for a much more significant challenge.

It is common to find some people, who upon a small mishap, disturb the peace of others, thinking that they are the most unfortunate. And when others open their mouth, that’s when they realize that they simply can’t fit the bigger shoes.


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