Neumann’s debut treatise takes some twists and turns, surprising readers used to conventional books on happiness and success. Chapter titles tell the reader to “Stop Whining. Start Thriving” and “Strip Naked.” Throughthumbnail histories, Neumann draws on business self-help parables about inventors, celebrities, and innovators such as Steve Jobs, Thomas Edison, and Susan Boyle. While leaning on some familiar pop Buddhisthomilies to lay out a route to success, Neumann also dares to ask readers to contemplate what “success” even means.
The book exploits the techniques of its genre to draw a firm distinction between status-driven “market success” and a more enduring, humane, and sustainable idea of what it means to make it in a capitalist society. 
Neumann advocates for qualitative factors of true success.. He encourages readers to apply familiar business success techniques (perseverance, making opportunity out of obstacles) towards a goal grander than the acquisition of wealth or status: the rewiring of ideas of what a successful life looks like. There’s much here that will intrigue readers who want to attain personal success without undue costs to those around them.
Takeaway: Readers looking to thread the needle of material success without exploitation will find this self-help book a useful guide.

Great for fans of Richard Bach’s Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Og Mandino.


Harness the Power of the Invincible Mind: Spatial Strategy to Success and Happiness by Alex Neumann is an engaging book that gives good insights to readers who want to create a life filled with confidence and tackle challenges and adversities without getting agitated. The author’s knowledge will be helpful to visualize the stars that exist beyond the darkness. There is no better teacher than nature and the stories shared by the author are good ways to discover, embrace, and learn from adversities. Reading Harness the Power of the Invincible Mind is a good way to break free from negative beliefs and to practice self-awareness. The approach to the topic is encouraging and positive, and the author’s simple and pragmatic way of dealing with life and its challenges will help readers to change their perspective and handle their lives with confidence, courage, passion, and purpose. Every story shared helps to contribute towards having abetter mindset and a free mind that is focused, and makes readers understand that the greatest miracles always happen in the small things that are overlooked.

Alex Neumann’s words show readers how to be aware of self-limiting thoughts that can stall life from progressing and how to practice self-love. It also makes readers aware of the power of simply being. The indomitable spirit of the many personalities shared in the book will inspire readers to convert their obstacles into opportunities by finding solutions. The book is definitely a handy manual for readers to own because of the helpful tips it gives to learn and grow, and which can be re-read, applied, and practiced.